Judaism, South Austin style.

Shabbat at Selah


Selah is a community which gathers monthly for spirited and musical Shabbat services led by Rabbi Gail Swedroe, Dr. Harvey Raben, Rabbi Neil Blumofe and the wonderful Selah Ensemble.

Unwind after the week by gathering in intentional community and soulful prayer.  All are welcome as we raise our voices in prayer and song.

Upcoming Shabbat Celebrations:

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The Selah Experience

Selah was born out of a desire to re-imagine Jewish life in South Austin. We seek to create a living Judaism that is experienced through vibrant and soulful prayer, transformative study of Torah, and purposeful engagement with our wider world. We are progressive and yet traditional, informal, creative, and committed to social justice.

Selah School

Selah School classes-1Selah now offers four religious school class levels (ages 4-K, 1st & 2nd graders, 3rd & 4th graders, and 5th & 6th graders)
Fall 2015-2016 classes will take place Thursdays 4-5:45 PM
  • Music that enriches the program
  • Jewish holiday activities and discussions
  • Integrated art projects
  • Group conversations and literature experiences on Shabbat, mitzvot, Tzedakah and Jewish values
  • Hebrew vocabulary to enhance and expand learning projects

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If you are interested in this program or have questions, please contact us : info@selah-austin.org.

Weekly Torah

torahJacob, like all of us, and certainly like all of our ancestors in the
Torah, is a flawed character. He, like us, does the best that he can.
And yet, we in the modern world, are often left wondering what he was thinking when it came to parenting his children.

This week’s Torah portion, Vayeishev, includes not only Joseph’s sharing of his dreams – which does not win him any points with his brothers, but also that time he went to spy on them when they were pasturing their flock. What does this have to do with Jacob? It is Joseph’s father who sends him on the mission: “Go and see how your brothers are and how the flocks are faring, and bring me back word.” (Genesis 37:14).

Why would Jacob encourage Joseph seeing himself as being in a position of power over his brothers, or at the very least, separate and apart from them? How would this help bring the family together? (more…)


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