Selah allows us to engage in Jewish life right in our own neighborhood in South Austin. Our two sons love attending the school, where they learn Hebrew and Jewish traditions, holidays and songs through interactive activities like baking, games and crafts. We also love the Selah family dinners and outdoor Shabbat services. It is such a wonderful, caring community
— Alex and Rachel
As someone that married into the Jewish tradition, I was uncertain what Hebrew school was all about and how it would fit into our busy and eclectic life. But what I’ve discovered is that beyond being welcoming and cool, Selah is a weekly respite—not only for our kid but it’s also become a little community for me. It has definitely enriched our lives.
— David
I’ve spent a good deal of time observing Selah classes and talking with the organizers and instructors. I feel that the mission statement and effort reflects my own hope that this Hebrew School experience can be so much more rewarding and meaningful for my 5th grader than it was for me. The goal of feeling part of a community, making good friends and going home with a heightened sense of Jewishness is happening at Selah!
— Gary
We’ve been thrilled with our family’s experience at the Selah school. Our son comes for weekly classes with other South Austin Jewish kids where he learns and practices Jewish traditions, learns the basics of Hebrew, and celebrates all the classic holidays. And, our whole family benefits by connecting with other families as we create fellowship and community around our Jewish heritage. Selah is great!
— Matt and Amanda
Harrison’s classes present the rich tapestry of Judaism in a hands on, accessible way that makes learning fun—playing Hebrew Bingo, Holiday matching cards , cool art projects like Tzedekah boxes, mezuzahs, and dreidels, singing and dancing the hokey pokey in Hebrew. Harrison always brings in lots of books for the kids to look at it and explains Jewish history and values through the stories. I’ve really enjoyed sitting in on some of the classes and am delighted that my son is getting such a rich and positive experience.
— Mike
I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much my daughter, a 4th grader at Zilker Elementary, is enjoying Selah School. She is making excellent progress in learning Hebrew and has a much better understanding of her heritage. The small class size and informal, fun atmosphere is a great fit for our family. Rabbi Lippe is amazing and my daughter absolutely adores her. Last Wednesday, she had to miss class because of an appointment, but she begged me to bring her for the last 15 minutes.
— Amy